What to expect if you try and claim yourselves

A study has proved that over 75% of people that try to claim through the airlines themselves are unsuccessful in receiving compensation even though they are eligible to claim.

The biggest reasons for this are the fact that the airlines will ignore your letters, so you give up hope of any compensation, the airline will say that your claim in invalid even though you are 100% eligible to claim, and the airlines biggest excuse is that the delay was caused because of 'extraordinary reasons' such as bad weather or a strike.

If you attempt to claim yourselves through the airline, and they use this excuse, then it means that you will need to somehow find evidence (which is a very tiring and laborious road) of why the flight was delayed and proving that it wasn't because of extraordinary reasons. Even if you are successful in finding this evidence, the majority of the time the claim will then go to a small claims court and will end up being a battle for your compensation. By this time, you will have spent roughly £750 for an official report of why the flight was delayed, and roughly £150 court fees. By paying out all of this to prove the airline wrong, that is all, if not more, of your compensation gone and there would have been no point going down this road what so ever.

Even if you are successful in your claim, the airline hardly ever pays out the full amount of compensation that you are owed.

They normally offer a written apology, a small voucher which is normally for food and drink, a discount on your next flight, or if you are lucky then a less than 50% of the compensation that you are actually owed.

By the end of reading this, are you sure that claiming yourself is actually worth it? Here at Flight Delay Expert, we can get you 50% more than what the airline is offering, and you won't be spending £900 just to find the actual reason for the delay. On top of this, airlines don't ignore Claims Management Companies like they would if you or I was to claim on our own!

We don't have a 99% success rate for no reason.

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