Our CRM Portal has been developed internally by a team of professional developers and is completely our own. You can track your client's process from start to completion with real time updates. Having researched business and customer needs and then building a CRM using our findings, we have created a portal that has ease of access for all.

Introducers to Flight Delay Expert will have access to the portal, whenever, wherever simply by logging in via the website. We provide log in details and a full training programme on the portal. From how to create a lead to how to send an email, this is to ensure that all staff that have access are knowledgeable and confident in navigating around the portal.

We also have the ability to amend or edit any features on our portal that you may require to make it suitable for your business needs.


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Step one
Fill out our online enquiry form

Step two
One of our advisors will call you to get details of your flight delay and check if you are eligible to claim flight delay compensation

Step three
Our expert team will get your claim processed and you can live track the progress of your flight delay compensation claim using your Flight Delay Expert login details

Sit back and wait for your compensation to arrive!