Lauren Pilling from Cayton says:
"I was stuck in Manchester airport for 5 hours with a baby under 1 – it was a nightmare. Nobody told us anything except that the pilot hadn't turned up so they were trying to find a replacement. I got in contact with Flight Delay Expert and they got me £458 back, just because I was sat waiting for 5 hours! I couldn't be happier."

Sam George from London says:
"I was waiting to fly to Germany from London for a stag do with 6 of my friends – next thing you know we get told that there's 'technical issues' with the plane and we were stuck in London overnight. Flight Delay Expert managed to get us back £3024 even though the airline put us up in a hotel – thank you!"

Lydia Presley from York says:
"I was stuck for nearly 4 hours in Leeds Bradford Airport – thanks to the help of Flight Delay Expert, I got a cheque for £353 this morning!

Danny Ormerod from Hull says:
"This Company provides a very fast and efficient service with no fuss – they took their commission but no extra charges – very pleased!"

John Farmer from Ormskirk says:
"I didn't expect to get any money, as I was sure that my flight wasn't delayed long enough. I did a quick check with one of the advisors and it was only 7 minutes over the criteria that I needed to meet. There's a cheque on its way to me now!"

Mr and Mrs Lumsden from Rochester said:
"Our flight was cancelled due to a fault with the plane, the airline didn't inform us until we arrived at the airport. After a quick search on the internet, we found Flight Delay Expert. They processed our claim and got us back £1600- enough for another holiday!"

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