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Results from a survey taken last year about delayed and cancelled flights at UK airports have been calculated and it shows that Birmingham Airport has the least delays, with its percentage only being a low 18% while London Gatwick had the highest percentage at a shocking 33% of flights delayed, along with London Luton at a near 28%.

This survey only measured the top 8 airports in Britain, and the list goes lowest to highest:

  • Birmingham with 18%
  • London Stansted with 21%
  • Edinburgh with 22%
  • Glasgow with 24%
  • London Heathrow with 25%
  • Manchester also with 25%
  • London Luton with 28%
  • London Gatwick with 33%

We also measured how many flights were handled by each airport each year:

  • Heathrow is the largest with almost 470,000 in 2015
  • Stansted operates 140,000
  • Gatwick handles 260,000
  • Glasgow had the least, with fewer than 80,000

If anything, these figures just prove that customers need to know their rights on flight delays, cancellations etc. With our figures being so high, so many customers will be losing out on money that they are owed.

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