Missed Connections

Missed Connections

If you travel world-wide, then the majority of these trips involve connecting flights. This is when you have taken more than one flight to reach your overall destination.

Missed Connections For example, you could be flying from London to Las Vegas, but your flight would be from London to New York, then from New York to Las Vegas. In this case, if you had a flight delay of 3 hours in London, then obviously you would have missed your flight from New York to Vegas, and this is classed as a missed connection.

You can claim for missed connections, as long as your flight delay was longer than 3 hours

However, if you were delayed in London by 2 hours, and still missed your connecting flight then this couldn't be claimed as a missed connection, as it was not delayed long enough in London, and you cannot claim for the missed connection in NY as it is not a European flight and it would not be a European airline that you would be flying on.

As a different example, if you were travelling Europe and intended to fly from London to Paris, then stay in Paris for a few hours then fly to Germany, then this would be eligible to claim for a missed connection if the delay in London was either longer than 3 hours so you missed your connecting flight or if it was cancelled. Even if you only intended to stay in Paris an hour and half and the delay in London was only an hour so you still had a missed connection, then you could still claim as the connecting flight is in Europe and it was obviously a missed connection.

As stated above, if you would like to claim missed connection compensation then the connecting flight must be within Europe. If the missed connection was out of Europe then you would have to claim for the flight delay instead.

To claim for a missed connection, then all flights must be booked on one ticket. If you have booked the flights separately, then you cannot claim as this is not classed as a connecting flight.

The rules for claiming for missed connection compensation are the same as claiming for the flight delay

  • Missed connection must be within the EU
  • Missed connection must be with a European Airline
  • Missed connection must be within the last six years
  • Flight delay time must be over 3 hours

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