Cancelled Flight Compensation

Cancelled Flight Compensation

Can you imagine getting really excited to get away, and then getting to the airport to be told your flight is cancelled? It's sure to grind your gears!

If you have booked a flight, but been told less than 48 hours before your flight that it has been cancelled due to a fault of the airline then you are eligible to claim cancelled flight compensation.

If you get to the airport and you are told to go home then you 100% are eligible for cancelled flight compensation. If you have a cancelled flights and the airline offer you an alternative flight, but you end up being more than 3 hours delayed to your destination after your original scheduled arrival then you can still claim compensation under the rules of a flight delay, not a cancellation.

How to get full flight delay refund

compensation cancelled flight If you have a cancelled flight, then you have the legal right to ask for a full refund there and then, but if you have received a full refund then you are unable to process a claim for flight cancellations compensation as you have already received your money back. You also have a legal right to ask them to help with costs, if the cancelled flight delays you 2 hours or more (they normally help with costs by giving you vouchers for food and drink, and accommodation if necessary).

If the airline doesn't help you by giving you vouchers at the airport, then keep any receipts or expenses as you can try to claim this money back from the airline too. However, please keep in mind that airlines only pay for reasonable expenses – money for alcohol, luxury hotels or expensive meals won't be paid back.

Please remember that even if your flight is cancelled, it still has to fall into the same criteria of being delayed – you cannot claim if it's an extraordinary event such as an air control strike. A cancellation on a missed connection still has too fall into the criteria as well – you can claim if your London flight was cancelled, but you cannot claim if your New York flight was cancelled unless you try to go directly to the airline.

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