Being Re-Routed

There are two different types of being re-routed that you can claim for.

The first type of being re-routed means that you are simply just put on a different flight than arranged and flown to your original destination but you have a different flight number than the flight number you had for your original flight.

The second type of being rerouted is where they reroute you to your original destination but when you fly on a different route than your original flight. Sometimes this means that you can end up being on the plane for longer than your original flight, but you still arrive at the same location.

To claim for a reroute compensation, the same rules apply as the rest of the sectors;

  • Your flight reroute must be within the last 6 years
  • Your flight reroute must be on an EU Regulated flight or airline
  • Your flight reroute must not be anything to do with an extraordinary circumstance.
  • You can only claim if the flight reroute has delayed you arriving at your original destination by 3 hours or longer

If your flight reroute has kept you waiting in the airport for hours, then much like flight delay claims, the airline has a duty of care to provide you with food, drinks and accommodation.

If you have a flight delay of longer than 3 hours then it is advised to go and ask a member of staff at the airport for these vouchers and they should provide you with them straight away – if they do not then they are breaking the duty of care they have for you and your flight reroute compensation could go to a higher amount.

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As printed on your passport The same you used to book your flight We may need to call you to confirm these details. We won't pass your details on or bombard you with calls! Cannot be due to weather, air traffic control or political unrest Departure or Arrival airport MUST be within the EU Departure or Arrival airport MUST be within the EU

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